The Order of Preachers
Chapter 1
St. Dominic,
Father of the Dominican Family
Chapter 2
Caleruega and Palencia,
Dominic's childhood and youth:
the torch and the star
Chapter 3
The Cathedral of Osma, Dominic as a canon: community life and prayer
Chapter 4
Dominic as an innovator of preaching
Chapter 5
Rome 1216,
confirmation of the New Order of Preachers
Chapter 6
Bologna 1220/1221, Dominic is a Legislator: the first laws of the New Order
Chapter 7
Dominic and the Nuns: an old, rough road
Chapter 8
the last, intense, years of His life
Chapter 9
Bologna 1221,
the last days
Chapter 10
In a word: who was St. Dominic?
Extra Chapter
The Belleville Breviary